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selection of some projects we worked on.

"Innovation is a situation that we choose because we have a burning passion for something."
(Steve Jobs)

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and those who do not travel
read only one page

Client: A-BayTours

Link: abaytours.com

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Inspiring music for working people


Link: elsmusics.com

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Thierry Paubert

Thierry PAUBERT, a master craftsman with a practice of over 30 years in the fields of carpentry and cabinet making

Client: Thierry PAUBERT, menuisier ébéniste

Link: Thierry-Paubert.com

Thierry Paubert
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CC-D3 de Beyrines

CC-D3 de Beyrines

CC-D3 Beyrines is a multidisciplinary agency in Web domains, design, training, communication.

Client: CC-D3 de Beyrines

Link: beyrines.com

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Sales promotion in supermarkets.

Client: A.C.G.S.

Link: Offline

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ELSREY Your Success

ELSREY is graphic design expertise. It provides the enhancement of your paper and digital communication internationally.

Client: ELSREY

Link: elsrey.com

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Remedio Ged

Remedio Ged

REMEDIO GED was created in 2013 by George and Emmanuel DEVER with 15 years of experience in the management of call centers, marketing, B-to-B and B-to-C sale, including financial and insurance products.

Client: Remedio Ged

Link: remedioged.com

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Les éditions Amaya


Broker 100% dedicated to the insurance of renewable energy.

Client: Enrsur

Link: enrsur.com

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SLM - Artiste peintre et sculpteur


Painter and Sculptor.
Contemporary Art.
Pictorial Research.

Client: SLM

Link: slm47.com

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Etienne Landois-Passionate Graphic Designer

Etienne Landois

Passionate Graphic Designer

Client: Etienne Landois

Link: etiennelandois.com

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Association for the Prize of Human Rights Martine ANSTETT

Prize of Human Rights Martine ANSTETT

Client: Association

Link: prixmartineanstett.org

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Africa Capital Advisors

Africa Capital Advisors

Client: Financial Advisory

Link: africa-capital.com

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Chris Musics

Chris Musics

Music Composition

Client: Chris Musics

Link: Chris Musics

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Institut Français de Langues et de Services

Institut Français de Langues et de Services

Client: IFLS

Link: ifls-france.net

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Les pieds dans l'eau

Les pieds dans l'eau

Client: Les pieds dans l'eau

Link: Les pieds dans l'eau

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Les Quercynes

Les Quercynes

Client: Jean-Baptiste Rouquié

Link: Les Quercynes

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Transports Delsol & Cie

Transports Delsol & Cie

Client: Transports Delsol & Cie

Link: Transports Delsol & Cie

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And soon here, yours?

Your website?

Client: YOU

Link: Coming soon?

We meet all your needs

We can speak about responsive design, HTML5 software development, website architecture, user experience... But what's the point if we do not understand your business?

Web development

It is the technical implementation and software development of your website.

Using your specifications, we program the features that meet your needs, we respect the good coding practices, we test and validate the capabilities developed throughout the life of your website.

Online Marketing

Internet has become the most important means for transmission of information. It has turned into an essential tool in the field of marketing. Companies are increasingly using online marketing to make their products or services known to the public.

Communication is paramount.

Web Design

Web designing first appears as functional modeling under technical specifications: ergonomics, graphic charter, corporate identity, marketing, interactivity; all this despite specific constraints of the Internet support.

We take all in charge, making these constraints light and invisible for you.

We are a team
of designers and creative people

FrenchTalent.fr started from the meeting of passionate and hard working professionals (CC-D3 | ELSREY).
Their aim is to make the latest Web technologies simple and accessible.
Their teams combine good spirits and talent.

We have multidisciplinary skills

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